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            Abcam iPhone and iPad app

            Access useful research tools and our scientific support directly from your iPhone or iPad, free of charge.


            Keeping your bench work consistent.

            • Browse over 40 step-by-step protocols
            • Save your favorite protocols
            • Share protocols via email
            Protocols iPhone and iPad

            Bench tools

            Making tasks simple.

            • Track multiple experiments with three digital timers
            • Easily calculate dilutions and molarity
            • Use the spectra chart to select the best fluorochrome
            Bench tools iphone and ipad


            Giving you help when you need it.

            • Giving you help when you need it
            • Call or email scientific support
            • Get in touch with a local distributor
            Support iPhone and iPad


            Making it personal.

            • Unique designs for your wallpaper and lock screen
            Wallpapers iOS